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Enhancing Nodejs Performance

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One of the important aspect when creating an application, is performance.
Nobody wants an application that doesn't load fast and user have to wait for some time. Performance should always be taken into account when creating your web apps. In this series of article i will dive deep into advance node concepts aiming at improving nodejs performance. the following topics will be covered while demystifying some advance nodejs concepts;

  • The basics of threads
  • Single thread and the thread pool
  • Clustering and worker threads
  • Data caching with redis
  • Automated headless browser testing
  • Scalable image/file upload

This series build up on the previous series I wrote about understanding how nodejs work behind the scenes here I discussed about event loop which I may not dive deep into that in this series.

The aim of this series is to make you understand the art of caching queries with redis with little effort, master thread and thread pool in nodejs, you will also learn how to make use of Automated browser testing of the Node server. And you will also get to discover the process to upload to your image using the AWS S3 and how to solve catching needs with Redis, which is best for storing memory and lots more.

I will start from the basics of threads and then move on to demystifying nodejs internals in this article.

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Andrei Gatej

Awesome! Looking forward.

Iā€™m really curious about the AWS part!