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Amazon Prime V/S Netflix! Which Is Better

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Amazon Prime

Regional Content

Prime Has More Regional Content Than Netflix. You, Will, Find Different

Languages Like Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, And More. Benefits

Amazon Prime Has A Hell Lot Of Benefits Apart From Video Streaming, You

Will Get A Free 2 Day Delivery On Amazon India Website And Early Access To Amazon Exclusive Sale And Deals.

Amazon Music
When You Have A Prime Account You Are Already Signed Up For Amazon

Music Services That Will Help You To Explore Music According To Your Choice In 12 Languages And You Can Even Download The Music For Offline

Stream Cheap If We Start Comparing The Price Of Both The Video Streaming Platform

Amazon Prime Is Way Cheaper Than Netflix. You Are Charged (Rs999/-
Annually) And (Rs129/- Month) Netflix Basic Plan With 1 Screen Cost Around

Rs199 In Which You Will Only Get One Screen And Can not Share The Account Among Your Friends

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Regional Content

There Is No Regional Content On Netflix The Stream You Watch Is Published In The Global Level Series

If You Are Way More Interested Towards Series No Doubt You Can Go For Netflix Algorithm

Netflix Has The Best Algorithm For Recommendation Netflix Know What Type Of Content You Like To Watch For Example:- If You Like Thrill Netflix Will Suggest You More Such Content Like That
Extra Cost For Better Quality

The Only Thing User Don't Like About Netflix Is They Charge Extra Cost For Better Quality Or Resolution.

In The Basic Standard Plan Of Rs500, You Can Only Stream Video In 720p Whereas You Have To Go For Rs800 Plan For 1080p And 4K Resolution Video Streaming 😊

At The End Go For Alt Bala Ji And Hotstar Premium πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰


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