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Discussion on: Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

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Great article. I'm 60, have been building all sorts of web sites since 1997. Prior to that I was an electrical engineer working on huge naval systems for 20 years. I went self-employed in 2004 because I developed a serious aversion to corporate BS. I run my own one-man shop. Won't work for meglamaniacs, won't work for people that don't want advice (i.e. the just build it and don't ask questions types). I get a massive kick out of helping people and being involved in making stuff better. I get good customer satisfaction reports because I care about their issues and give good, personal and timely service.

Looking back, I don't really regret the times I jumped on the shovel and asked "what colour". It's a great way to get experience, heck I even do it now sometimes. You can do a lot with experience quickly, which it's why it's worth a premium. Getting the experience is the hard part. Some advice would be, to find your level of burn out once, and don't do it again. Try not to be too cynical. Be accepting of new tech but only keep the stuff that adds something worthwhile. Over time you get to see a lot of new stuff so can handle change better as time goes on as you've had more practice. Be very wary of sales and marketing types as they'll burn you and not think twice. Keep smiling, be kind :)

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Excellent advice on all points. Thank you!