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I spotted this over the weekend, and had a few thoughts, but didn't have time to chime in. Now that I have time, it looks like a lot of what I would have said has already been covered. So just a few quick thoughts that I hope will be helpful.

I've worked on various codebases with different styles. What's more "readable" or "clean" generally is more a function of what you're accustomed to looking at than any objective measurement. Codebases with a consistent style are far easier to work on than codebases that mix different styles, even if they're consistently ugly.

Focusing on stuff like bracing styles, if/else formatting, etc, is focusing on the smallest possible minutia of the codebase. Consider: If you could magically reformat all the code so that it's to your liking, what would you want to fix after that? Is reformatting the code actually stopping you from doing that next thing? (Spoiler: No.)

I totally feel your pain in having to look at code that you feel could/should be clearer/cleaner. Please know that I've been there. But when the more seasoned devs you work with all tell you the same thing, it's worth strongly considering their perspective.

It's said that safety regulations are written in blood. The preferences of senior devs are based on long years of bad experiences. Ignore them if you like, but don't doubt that you'll eventually learn the hard way.

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