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Keeping a diary on the Internet

CreativeGP on May 27, 2018

This is my first post to DEV. Who are you? I am a fifteen-year-old boy in Japan loves computer programming. I've made some apps befor... [Read Full]
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Nice dude ! you are doing awesome , thanks for creating work and putting it out there . I have been building apps professionally for 3 years now, and when i started I was 10 years old i was just like you - building things! never stop building ! always be creating!


Thank you for replying.
We are similar!
Yes, I'm going to continue creating and thinking.
Now I'm creating a SNS and a twitter client and a license-free translator for Japanese and English.


Thanks for sharing your observations and findings. Love your passion in pursuing your career! Keep it going and always remember you can reach out to us developers! We love hearing what you are working on as it might inspire us as well :)


ダイアリーを書くにはいいです。Twitter に書きます。おつかれさまです!


Thank you for replying. And I was surprised that it is written in Japanese!
In Japanese 'いいです' has two meaning, "it's good" and "it's unnecessary for me".
I can't find which meaning you wanted to say, so I'll make a little conditional branch here;

"good" | Thank you :)
"unnecessary" | I considered its duplication of functions with some SNS like twitter, but I think the advantage of this app is its confidentiality. I might have had to discuss pros and cons of keeping a diary in private, mightn't I? 😁


My apologies! I meant "good" as in, "keeping a diary is a good thing!"
I'm trying to brush up on writing in Japanese.


As for your conditional branch: CreativeGPさんはてんさいです!

I keep a private, locked twitter for quick thoughts, but I really like your app idea! Taking a look at it through GitHub right now. Thank you for sharing!

I'll keep working on my Japanese, too. ^ _ ^ ;

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