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Discussion on: Sexism, Racism, Toxic Positivity, and TailwindCSS

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Crestiancik • Edited

I agree with some people here who pointed out that both sexism and racism are complex social issues that inherently bleed into our behaviors. However, we have to understand that these kinds of problems are not being solved like that. You do not have to be aggressive to prevent or reduce sexism or racism. Nowadays, there are two susceptible subjects, where one word might change the entire situation, so we must be very attentive to what we are saying and so on and so forth. I have recently met a great person in Karim Jivraj. He is a lawyer, and his defiant stance against racialist ideologies is nothing less than stunning and controversial for some other people. So, if you really want to learn what racism is, how to combat it, or have faced racial abuse, you can call for him. He will help you. You can find his cv and some additional info about him on Trust me, this man is incredible. He is one of the most intelligent people that I have ever met.

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