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Discussion on: Made the switch to Discord from Slack or MS Teams? Want to hear your thoughts

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Médéric Burlet

We are a startup of about 15-20 people and we use Discord as our daily driver for communication.


  • Amazing ambiant sound reduction
  • Easily configurable roles, rooms to create rooms just for projects or specific info.
  • Many bots you can use if you use google calendar, trello and more for direct integration
  • Very fast and simple to use (slack i find is always slow)
  • If you handle your roles properly you could even have rooms for direct contact with clients (any new user is sent to a room where they cant see anything else and them can give them as admin a specific role)

Down Sides:

  • No encryption. Discord is not like RocketChat for instance and it does not support end-to-end encryption yet it does have basic encryption but not end-to-end so if one day discord gets hacked well chances are hackers might get the chat history (not sure how long history is kept and if it is encrypted)