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Discussion on: When do you work on your side projects?

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Kevin Pennekamp

Only take aways I can give you:

  • Break down what you want to do in small sizes. Do this for writing, coding, research, designing. I use an application called todoist to create lists of what I want to do. Even articles are broken down in multiple smaller todos (research, sections to write, proofread, social media sharing after publish). These sizes make it easier to do it in lets say 30 minutes.
  • Dont put deadlines on your side projects... Babies dont allow it and it only adds stress
  • Throw away when you loose your interest. I have several drafts or outlines for articles. I got excited about a subject, wanted to write an article about them. But then.... I did not have enough time and lost interest. Maybe I am gonna write them. But for now, i am going to leave them. Forcing myself to finish them will not be benificial for my state of mind.
  • Do it for yourself, not for others. I did a refactor of my website with almost no visual updates, and it gave me a lot of energy and motivation. Feel happy with every accomplishment, even when its only a part of a whole. You probably learned something or improved something!

But don't let me fool you with this list. It is freakin' hard! The most important thing is to never feel disappointed or demotivated when its not working out. Its not your family or your job, its just a side project.

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Ben Read

Yep! I have three under 6, getting any time for side projects is a very challenging thing. I think Kevin nailed it with that list!

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Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the pointers.
I believe learning is everywhere and this is one such important learning for me.. highly appreciate your takeaways πŸ‘