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Discussion on: How do you 'Save for later'?

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Kevin Pennekamp

I use a task manager (Todoist) for it.
Everything I find interesting and want to read later again, I put in a list there. I have set a recurring task everyday that I need to read (something). In addition, every month I go through the list to clean it.

After reading, or cleaning, I find that I want to follow up on an article (e.g. implement it myself, write something about it myself, etc.). Often its not one article, but several related articles. At that moment I create a new task for myself to actually do that, and add the articles in the comments of that task as reference material. That way, they don't clutter my "unclassified" reading list, but I keep them somewhere as a reference still.

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Madza Author

I've seen it among the most popular tools for the job, tho never managed to try it, lol 😂😂