re: Github is replacing the word master to avoid slavery references. Deal with it. VIEW POST


Not a fan of this change, I would need to hear/read that that Git master branch feature creator was a racist and that's the reason why he/she created it that way, I mean, it is a reference name, and a whole bunch of tools, thrid-party or custom, use the master branch as the default, this will be a little messy.

Anyway, if we are talking about intentions, let's do it, why is Git changing the master branch till now, 2020, and not 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10 years ago?.

I see 2 bullets:

  1. Do people believe there was a hidden intention 15 years ago when created?
  2. Do people don't believe there is a hidden intention in doing the change 15 years later?

Really?, Git did not was born racist and slave full, are people who turned it racist and slave full today.

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