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Introduction To Dot Net: Why Is Angular Better Than Dot Net.

Dot Net is an open-source software created by Microsoft that offers a developer platform. It lets a developer create and execute programs in C#, F#, Visual C++, or Visual Basic. In other words, it is software by Microsoft that acts as a programming framework and lets other applications run. It is a massive program that consists of both backend and frontend programming languages. To further know about the workings of this software, one can visit Dot Net Training in Noida.

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Features of Dot Net:

The Dot Net framework allows the designing of portable, scalable, and robust applications within its framework. It is loaded with the features that are required by a developer in building applications according to business needs. Its features make it one of the most recommended software worldwide. One can learn this software from various institutions such as Dot Net Online Course. Here are some of its key features.

Common Environment- There is a common environment for all the Dot Net applications in order to run them. This execution environment is termed the Common Language Runtime. It assures the capability to exchange and make use of information between its different languages.

Common System: - It lets the system maintain data integrity with the code written in different languages. It also protects the data from getting lost while it's being transferred to its equivalent types in other languages.

Multi-language support: - It manages the compilers and provides multi-language support. The datatypes used by the Common Language Runtime are common for all the languages. Therefore, there isn't anything like conversation issues.

Supports Tools: - It provides assistance to several tools like debuggers and profilers. Therefore, it makes it easier for the developer to operate on it.

Manages Security: - Security is one of the major characteristics of Dot Net. The CLR supports the security of the system by checking the code identity.

Why Is Angular Better Than Dot Net?

Angular is a JavaScript framework whereas Dot Net is a web development framework. However, Angular facilitates a developer with better-automated testing for the client as well as the server. Angular comes with an inbuilt set of tools that helps a developer in testing the applications in a much easier way.
Angular also makes designing UI/UX much easier. Above all Angular provides customizations to libraries and extensibility. It also has huge community support on the internet. Apart from these, Angular also lets the developers support the applications.

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