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Discussion on: How To Take Notes on Everything

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Cristi Constantin

Wow, thanks for sharing this article! This is such an amazing coincidence, because I just published my blog ( - WIP ) that tries to solve Exactly the same kind of problem that you're solving!
I had my inspiration from other places and I've taken a different aproach, but we are trying to do the same thing.

My story is I have notes in digital format for 12 years already.
Initially I was writing them in Microsoft Word - RTF format because I hate the Doc and Docx. Then I moved to Google Docs. Then I wanted to run away from Google and I exported everything in Markdown and now I just write everything in plain text/ Markdown, edit with Atom and commit in Git every day or so. It was a long journey but I'm pretty happy with the stack.
The nice advantage of plain text journals is you can use a Grep/ AWK/ whatever to search and filter whatever you need in your files, you have absolute control. I keep my TODOs and IDEAs and everything in caps and find them later.
The only disadvantage is I can't read my private notes on the mobile, because they are on the laptop, but I take notes on the phone and move them in the journal from time to time. But that wasn't a big problem so far.

So I have decided to export a lot of the knowledge that could potentially benefit other people on the that I just mentioned. I have a ton of logs to scan, so it will take a long time.

So one question for you, maybe you have an idea: How can I watch your Exocortex? I would be interested to see what you are publishing in there. If I just save a bookmark of your site, that would be forgotten in less than a week.
I'm still trying to find a solution to that problem for my blog as well. I have a RSS feed, but RSS feeds are for new articles, not for content that is constantly updated, like a Wiki.

Thanks again!

note to myself I should definitely write all this ^ on my blog