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Some companies are not only looking for winged unicorns. they are looking for people able to eat, sleep and breath company lifestyle while kicking away families, friends, and social life.

A couple of weeks ago I received from a big company an invitation for an in-home test and an online quiz. The instructions were delivered on a Thursday. The in-home test was divided into 3 easy,2 medium,2 hard and 2 extremely hard questions that have to be completed during labor day weekend. Each and every question requested coding, but the 2 hard and 2 hardest included UML, sudo code, and a myriad of documentation. The quiz had 25 questions to be completed in 45 minutes. The questions were very hard. I did the quiz just for curiosity.

I rejected it because on a personal level, I found the rules for the assessment ( to complete it during labor day long weekend ) totally disrespectful because they are saying ' we do not care if you have plans for those days 'or worst ' You are having an idea how demanding is this job'
-Based on the previous point I can't imagine the level of stress there.

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