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good read! I'm trying to figure out if I can make iOS apps and live off that or do remote work, because my last position promised all this stuff about being able to own our code and make side projects etc and lied! but seems like if I find the right company I don't have to "choose"!


It is a challenging market out there, and especially dangerous if you go it alone. I happened to find a particular niche within the action sports community and built a targeted product just for them. But even I feel like it was a rare idea, and I don't believe it's so easy to replicate that success.

Lately, I've been giving client work the highest priority, doing my best to invest the largest percentage of my earnings, and riding that train until my investment income + side project income == living expenses.

If I have extra time between projects, that's when I go all-in on a side project (lol or just go snowboarding a ton).

But I feel like one of those ETF commercials you see on CNBC. All side projects, just like investments, have some amount of inherent risk. Be careful to shoulder yourself from that risk. If you have a sure thing on your plate, give it 100% of your attention, especially if you like the people you're working with.


Yeah, I do have to constantly keep myself in check like you recommend. Although the "iOS gaming renaissance" I keep reading about makes me feel more optimistic, I realize that it's a fools move for me to forego finding a job (even if its not great and pays poorly, as long as I can just do it long enough to try out my idea.) Of course I think my niche idea also has the potential for mass appeal - the same thing every iOS gamedev not making a platformer or arcade game probably thinks!
Still, this article and your comment are kind of a balanced reminder that I can return to if I let myself get too cynical or too naively positive (about being self-employed from an app or even making worthwhile money off it).

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