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I thought this was a really great treatment of the subject matter. I consider myself pretty skilled in implementing very explicit DP solutions for interviews and such, as well as using it in practice when it is the right tool, but I probably would struggle to explain these two concepts in a clear way. After finishing school, definitions and explanations faded away even though the concept and intuition are still there.

One thing that helped me personally to distinguish DP and LP and other similar terms was learning about the origin of the name "dynamic programming". Conceptually I viewed the word programming to mean.... programming.... when it was coined to talk more about a broad idea of "programs" in a similar way to "schedules", something I didn't learn my first year of school. I'm sure you (the poster) knows this but for anyone else, I think it's also a a small but somehow useful distinction to know, as it helps un-muddy the waters a bit in your language and thinking.

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