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Discussion on: Why Should You Surround Yourself With Supportive People?

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Hi I enjoyed your post. I love Psychology and took it in college. I thought I would add some additional information:

Change your thinking

1) Positive self talk
2) Positive visualization
3) Positive people
4) Positive mental food
5) Positive training and development
6) Positive health habits
7) Positive expectations

Great free Google Book on Positive Thinking

Factors of Negative thinking may be:

Physical illness - as a negative life event.

Mental illness - mood disorder
Personality disorder
Anxiety disorder
Psychotic disorder
Eating disorder
Trauma related disorder - PTSD
Substance abuse disorder

In addition I believe there are just TOXIC People and AVOID...

Passive aggressive
Always Right
Takes joy in others failures
Compulsive liars
Never Sorry
Belittle others
Alter Ego

Check ones self by:

1) Recognize thought distortion
2) Challenge negative thoughts
3) Release judgement
4) Practice gratitude
5) Focus on your strengths
6) Seek professional support

Thanks and remember stay positive💯

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Alex Fedorov

Thank you for this comment! It’s packed with a lot of value!