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Me and Optimism

cyprian_dev profile image Cyprian ・1 min read

So I'm very new here and struggling with JavaScript. Although i feel like i literally need to get a course solely on the subject in order to excel at it, but then there are hindrances to that very factor.

It's been a sloppy ride signing up for Udemy web developer bootcamp and the struggle as an unemployed person to keep up with purchasing mobile data constantly for researches and lectures but I've made really great strides from where i use to be.

I know someday I'd look back and read this very post smiling for all the things i may have done. If you're looking for someone to mentor, please I'm a very humble, attentive and respectful fellow and always eager to learn.

Thanks ❤️

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Dwayne Crooks

What about JavaScript is causing you to struggle? What's your background?

cyprian_dev profile image
Cyprian Author

Actually i I'm using a book after getting through with a crash course. I need to understand it deeper I'm in OOP some I get and others are just plain difficult. I need to know how to use JavaScript to maipulate objects, and like code a calculator, design a game and those cool stuffs sir.