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PHP Laravel benefits

So i have been in love with programming from the first HELLO WORLD i published with C in my first semester, but i was a musician and madly eager to succeed so much that i stopped paying attention to software engineering. A huge, naive and costly mistake of my life, but i have no regrets because few years learning other software and Telecommunication's subjects, i started to gradually fall in love with my IT course again.

Let me not run around about how i got to this place on a rough path, but i started coding vehemently all over again in 2018 after making a fool of myself on my project defense. I couldn't make a dime sense of all the codes i was gifted for my defense by a friend. I asked myself how i could claim to be an IT grad without a single programming skill, it sounded fraudulent and a waste of resources to me.

Sorry, let me get back to Laravel, a PHP framework i dearly love as much as i did my dearest mother. As a terrible writer i will try my best to highlight the key features and benefits of using Laravel in just a month of building an MVC CRUD application i deployed on heroku. Struggling days are over, i tell you and thanks to Taylor Otwell.

First of all Laravel uses a lot of symfony's open source packages which in my opinion is even more detailed and orderly with Laravel. And then composer as a dependency manager. I think it's adoption of composer is based on the fact that it's symfony packages already uses composer for ease.

Now let me talk about how Laravel is OOP centric, Lavarel is heavily Object Oriented which is wonderful as it exposes a newbie diving into the world of frameworks to understanding how OOP scales rapid software development. Everything is class based. and then the MVC model or framework whichever you choose to call it. Model, View and Controllers. At first these architecture may be a little overwhelming, but that again brings me to one of the things i love about Laravel, it's documentation -

Laravel's documentation is awesome, it is like tech novela, it is enjoyable and easy to grasp, nothing is going to freak you out, anything you do not understand yet will be clearer the next time as you implement those you've grasped already. Now the MVC architecture is a distributed software system that specifically handles a certain logic in the overall design. I will talk about the MVC on another post which will be specifically about the MVC.

Laravel is easy to install using both its installer and composer, It is so well structured you would hardly even have to write anything new except your database migraions and additional blade templates. I will also make subsequent posts touching on these other features of the framework. Let me stop here for now with a word of encouragement to any PHP core developer to adopt Laravel and also thank the entire development team for making PHP programming fun and famous.

This post is also also published on my Laravel CRUD App

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I started my last project in one day (ok, it is only MVP or POC at the moment) but works :)
For now I do not know another more productive framework for the web, Laravel is really the best!

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Cyprian Author


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