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What are your challenges dealing with clients?

cyprian_dev profile image Cyprian ・1 min read

In order to improve and better my services and skill in dealing with clients, it will be helpful if you can contribute on your biggest challenges and how you have managed them.

For me clients usually approach me with certain features to be built, only for them to start demanding more that were not specified from the beginning. This is still a huge challenge for me.

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Mike CK

Clients are notorious for delaying payments... You'd need a deposit before commencing any project.

One particular client always had new ideas for features each time I asked them to review the project... This can drag things and make you work at a loss due to extended unpaid time

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Cyprian Author

This is a huge issue for me too....Just came back from Lagos, should have wrapped up but suddenly they need this and that, some of these things are useless or not even important for the project...seems they are scared of finally launching their business. Huge challenge mate

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Jan Küster

It's called scope creep. These types of clients are a hard one because requirements change fast and often.

Avoid Code at any cost and do prototyping until you can pin them to at least a direction of where the project wkll go. From there you can work using extreme programming methodology (the best fit for such situations) and DDD.

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