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re: Hi Gang Fun discussion, having come a different road into programming via my Degree in Computational Mathematics from most of the programmers I kno...

Any assembly language is hard to learn and to grasp, but once you're immersed into it it seems to get manageable. I remember a university project where we were building a 6502 emulator in x86 assembly. In the end we wrote hangman in 6502 assembly, and while daunting at first we got it working. In my recollection, the most important part is how to split up the functionality — although I have to admit, our emulator was quite basic and not exactly rocket science.

What I've heard is that compiled C is often as efficient, if not more efficient, than assembly, because of the optimizations in the compiler. What do you think about this? And why are you using assembly — is it efficiency or something else?

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