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Brand new Storybook for Daily

As part of our ongoing journey of open sourcing and documenting Daily, we are now launching a Storybook app to demonstrates all of Daily components.

Let me know what you think :)

Source code is here:

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Everything you see on Daily πŸ‘€

Daily Apps

Everything you see on Daily πŸ‘€

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This is a monorepo with most of Daily's frontend projects. It was created as part of Daily 2.0 refactor to separate concerns to different standalone projects. The main concept of the refactor was to enable others use Daily style guidelines in their applications as well.


  • Yarn for managing dependencies.
  • Node v10.21.0 (a .nvmrc is presented for nvm users).
  • lerna for managing the monorepo.



Library which implements Daily's style guidelines It mainly contains Vue generic components (such as modals, text boxes and toggles) but also consists of style sheets which define color platte, typography and more For more information click here.


Typescript library with clients for interaction with Daily's backend services The library encapsulates the http requests to simple methods and defines relevant types to make it easy to use. For more information click here.



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