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Daily Bookmarks revamp 🥁

Team Daily has been working hard in the last few weeks to deliver a better experience for the beloved developers community. Over the past year, we have been observing pretty intense activity in the Bookmarks section which inspired us to make a change many of you have been waiting for.

We are so happy that you guys are using bookmarks. We are super happy to announce a cool new feature to Daily Bookmarks that many of you asked for. We are sure that it would take your experience one level up.

What is it?

From now on, once you save a new bookmark in Daily you will be able to filter the unread bookmarks. Here is how it works:

Demonstration GIF

We built this feature to help to sort out your read-later list. It is simple yet powerful! 🚀

Why did we build it?

Here are a few thoughts that guided us in building this feature:

  1. Don’t have enough time and want to read later? This one is for you.
  2. Do you save many bookmarks and can’t keep track? You’ll love it.
  3. Do you hate reading stuff more than one time? Don’t miss it. Simply like awesome things? Welcome home. ❤️

This feature is available for those of you that already updated their extension to the latest version 2.15.6. Still didn’t update? Stop everything you’re doing and make sure you have it. 🤓

Your feedback is what inspires us when we build new things! Thanks to all the members who contributed and suggested awesome ideas. We can’t bring value without you. We are planning many things ahead so make sure you keep track of the upcoming announcements. 👓

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