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πŸ™Œ Daily is Looking for Sponsors

Daily growing rapidly. Only in 2019, we observed five times growth in our userbase. We also went completely open-source in 2019. Currently, Daily is helping a community of more than 36,000 active developers to stay in touch with the latest dev news. Also, Daily is getting 6M+ page views on a monthly basis.

We wrote in detail about our growth in 2019 in our year in review of 2019. Take a look if you want to learn more.

πŸ“― Announcing Sponsorship Program

With each passing month, Daily tends to grow. It's a fulfilling feeling to know that we are playing a vital role in the lives of tons of developers. But with this growth, comes the responsibility to maintain, improve, and make Daily even better. It requires iterating over the codebase, listening to the feedback of users, and a business model to back this all.

As an update to our business model, we have decided to announce a Sponsorship Program at Daily. We are looking to collaborate with companies interested in helping the open-source projects to grow. We hope it will help us sustain the Daily community and continue providing them an amazing experience.

By sponsoring us, you will be helping this huge Daily community to stay in touch with the latest development news. Also, you will be able to spread your message to a huge targeted audience of active developers around the globe.

πŸ€” What Will You Get?

Below are a few, but not all, benefits of sponsoring Daily.

πŸŽ— Support Open Source Community

Do you or your company rely on open source software? By sponsoring Daily, you can show your support and love for the open-source community. It will help Daily and the whole open source ecosystem in general.

πŸŽ– Get The Word Out

Daily is serving a specific and highly active community of 36k+ developers. If you have a developer-focused product, we are the right platform to connect with the right set of audience. You will be able to get the word out to the audience where it matters.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Help Us Provide Unique Experience

At Daily, we provide a rich user experience to the developers. Currently, we use only one spot but that is also completely blended in the content so users get a great experience. With your help, we will be able to keep things this way, or maybe make it even better.

😎 Interested! What's Next?

We have prepared a detailed sponsorship document that we plan to update monthly with the latest information. We have three different plans in place for our sponsors. Please visit our sponsorship page for all the details.

Alternatively, if you are interested in sponsoring Daily or have any questions, feel free to shoot an email at We will happy to share the up-to-date document and discuss the possibility of working together.

We are super excited to announce our sponsorship program and looking forward to collaborating with potential sponsors. It will not only keep us going but also help us execute the exciting ideas for the community that we are working on!


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