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re: Remote Work, Mental Health and Neurodiversity VIEW POST


I really liked your text and I identify with some parts, especially the giant backpack analogy. I worked totally remotely for two years and had a positive experience in the early months, but over time things changed and I got to the point that if they didn't allocate me a shared workspace, I'd probably have to quit my job. The feeling of not really being part of the teams was horrible, I always knew things later, didn't share decisions directly, and often felt inferior in recognition and performance compared to my colleagues. Over time, being alone daily in my room was also horrible. I had bouts of depression and panic syndrome, and in therapy I found that loneliness became a very serious trigger for me. I had horrible crises until I realized that my lifestyle and working relationship needed to change dramatically. Maybe I will be working remotely at some quieter time in my life, I still see many positive points in this working model.

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