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Discussion on: Running a single test suite/spec in Jasmine

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Dalibor Plavcic • Edited

Hey, I had to accomplish the same thing on the enterprise project I'm currently working on. The good news is that it's quite easy to accomplish that and make it scalable, which means no fit/xit etc..

You can find an example of custom Jasmine configuration used inside Angular at my blog here:

It can be used to specify (include/exclude) exact folders, components, services or anything you want to test

If you need any help with setup just ping me.


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Dzhavat Ushev Author

Oh, nice approach with a custom config! Hadn't thought of that. I'm not about the scalability because this will require multiple configs for different purposes, am I right? Smart idea nonetheless! Thanks for sharing it.

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Dalibor Plavcic

Maybe I have used the word scalability with wrong connotation here. The goal for me was to execute only specific tests in specific module/submodules to save me some time in cases where I have a a of Jasmine tests.

Yes, you are right. To achieve this you need to add a little bit of additional configuration. Nonetheless it's all about the context we are working in :)