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Hunting is not really the problem (but if I'm looking for a software dev job, I can't see why I should give those infos), the problem is that you (or HR or whatever) discriminate based on that.

It opens the door for countless of discriminations, you even add: some other conditions. You first started with women that have the potential to get pregnant, now we've added dangerous sports (dangerous is such a relative term... I play soccer, I could very well break my leg, should I reconsider having that as a hobby? 😂).

I guess I could understand certain things for insurances (only a few...). But to get a job? An office job??? Come on...

I have the same conversation a couple of years ago.

What is the difference between discrimination and selection?

Discrimination is bad if not illegal while selection it's what HR does. But and finally, they are the same, factors that we should consider.

How those factors are considered, it's up to the job. For example, I see a specific IT work that explicitly hires women (in fact, a top job, no less). Is it discrimination against male?. Sure. However and since it is illegal, then they converted the discrimination => selection by calling all candidates (male and females) to the whole the process of selection and finally they pick only the women. But, is it fair?. OF COURSE NOT, in fact, it is annoying to the male candidates but since we live in a world where hypocrisy is gifted, so it just follows the trend. It would be easy (and fair) to say "Only females!" but again, it is illegal.

Well, I suppose the law can only protect workers up to a certain point. When a company wants to discriminate against some things in their hiring process, they will most likely always find a way to succeed. Not fair, most likely illegal, but as long as HR people accept to employ such strategies, things will be difficult to modify.

Thanks for the conversation, I learned a lot.

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