re: Want to be a better developer? Take care of your sleep! VIEW POST

re: heh, about coffee (further).... it's something people add to their systems. Everything we add into our bodies is part of the overall "chemical game...

That need aspect is foreign to me (with my 'i'll sleep when i'm dead' attitude). But maybe we're the fools(?).

I sure hope not :D

I completely understand, and agree, that every one is going to have different circumstances and preferences on how they approach their relationship to sleep. The 8 hours sleep might be a luxury that only some can have. I don't have kids yet, so maybe I will change my speech later :D

As for the sources, if you feel like they could contribute to the article, I would be more than happy to add them in the sources for this article. Having another point of view and a different pair of eyes on the subject can't hurt.

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