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Discussion on: How to Finish a Side Project

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Dana Ottaviani • Edited on

Good points! I see a lot of posts recommending projects to help someone get hired, but the thing is the projects don't always seem interesting to me so why would I want to force myself to work on them?

Instead, I want to work on stuff that I want to get better at. For example, I'm starting to really take my time in looking into the three.js documentation because this something that is so cool and I want to learn how to implement the library myself.

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Kayla Sween Author

Thanks! 😁 Exactly! That's an awesome point. If it's a chore, you're not going to want to work on it, much less finish it. It's so important that you actually care about what you're doing for your side project or about learning the tech you're doing it with. I'm glad you found something that piqued your interest!