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(Do you mind to fix all the links? It seems dead to me)

Sound fair enough. But have you ever considered that what kind of users that the website serves? If it is a site about video games, why should you care about the old computer? Gaming always requires a good, high-end tech, computers. So gamers, would never own an out-dated computer to do web-surfing (they can do that on the gaming computer and mobile). Or newspaper sites, people tends to read news on portable devices. Indeed, we should support old phones to get more viewers. But should we support old computers as well? I doubt about it.

I partially agree with your opinion. But sometime, the way we choose which devices to suppose has it own meaning. For security reasons, to avoid unwanted viewers, or just simply limited fund. So the idea of supporting older browsers need to be reconsidering (in serious way).

To be honest, the way you convince readers sounds naive.

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