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I think I started programming since grade 6 with HTML, I even thought it is programming language. Now looking back, I feel a bit funny. However, it seems a good start to me.

After not so long, I kept learning CSS. I learnt both of them from w3schools site. And if you ask why. It's simple. At that time, I have no idea about web, coding, or anything relates it. And w3schools offers me a codeground to play with, so I became one of her learners. Moreover! w3schools is FREE! FREE! FREE!

A (static) website seems a bit nice after few months but I still felt dissatisfied. Then I kept learning JS. To be honest, it was a huge challenge to me at that time. I could not understand how JS works even though I did learn a bit of programming fundamental in Computer Science class in Middle school. So many things I don't about it like its function, its object, various operators, etc.

I thought, "I'm so dumb" or "I will never become a good programmer not even amateur". So I gave up for a while. But the love for computer of mine didn't seem to back down on it. I was back and kept learning JS. Surprisingly! Now I understand a bit of every parts in JS, bit by bit, better every days.

At that time, makin' blog became a trend in my country. I did it too. I means there were so many tutorial and why should I not give it a shot? The result is no properly blog was made but a whole new area was discovered, Server-side v Client-side. And trust me, this story was way better than Batman v Superman 'cause there is no Martha in it. (LOL)

With the open path to server-side, I started to understand more about JS, what's its role, its capability and how its working. In addition, PHP is also discovered too. Obviously, with so many things to learn and not a single mentor to lead my way, I soon lost my way.

Not only not knowing what to learn, the fact of lacking asset (which is computer) also gave me a long pause time. My family isn't a wealthy one so putting effort into a computer was too much at the time. One computer with two kids. You have no idea how shitty that time was. And if you have crappy bro set password on compy, you may understand what I went through. What's a glorious time.

I passed my high school years with not much programming achievement. That's time, I's starting to learn C++ as a way to understand the fundamental of Computer Science. I thought doing so could make me a professional. Be honest, I don't even understand how makefile works. (LOL)

My hands kept itchy when I went to college. The same motif happened, I got better at some old skills and discovered something new. But there is one thing that the motif doesn't have: your, the reader's, boredom. (LOL)

My origin story still have a short way to go to nowadays, but that is another story for another time. What important is I have been much better and no sign of stopping. And I hope if anyone ever meet a similar circumstance like could be encouraged a bit and don't back down on your passion for programming. About me? I doubt about that.

Thanks Kelly for open a valuable topic like this. It remind me how bad I was and how awesome I am. Thank you very much.

P/s: I also love other devs' origin story too. I think I've learnt a bit from you guys, thanks 'lot.

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