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Discussion on: 🚀🐧 What's your current OS and why do you use it?

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Daniel Diaz Author

That's amazing, what kind of testing do you do? :0

So, what's the level of complexity of using FreeBSD, both as a daily driver and in deployment. Until I've only use Debian and Arch based distros, so I would like you to explain what's the key difference between FreeBSD and a linux based OS.

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Vincent Milum Jr

From a userland perspective, they run mostly the same software. But from a sysadmin perspective, I much prefer FreeBSD. It has easier software installation and configuration for all the major services I need to run, better documentation, and a nice overall ecosystem. There are also some easy-to-use appliances like FreeNAS/TrueNAS and pfSense/OPNsense that are simple to install with decent web interfaces. They serve their purposes very well.

Check out this article for one example of the simplicity: