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When I'm writing, I pause often to think about/re-read what I've just written. These pauses tend to come at the end of writing some sort of meaningful string of text, such as everything between a period and a comma in English, or after a } in JavaScript.

And the last thing I type before I pause is the "SAVE" shortcut (CMD + s on my machine).

This habit is born of getting burned too many times from text editor programs that don't auto-save frequently enough, or at all.

Even after I configured my editor to auto-save if I haven't typed a character in a certain amount of milliseconds (it's not paranoia if the editor is really out to lose your data 😑), I still have this habit 😄

sometimes it's like a reflex and I press it in chrome accidentally and get angry because the "save website as..." dialog pops up!

This happens to me at least once every time I write a comment on DEV 😂 but I think implementing a "comment drafting" system triggered by the "SAVE" shortcut (the first thought I have every time this happens) is overkill lol

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