Conference Recommendations for Beginners

I'd like to find out if the community can recommend any conferences that are particularly useful for those starting out with front-end development (JavaScript, CSS, etc) and/or other types of coding?

I've read about Codeland (, but for somebody based in the UK, the expense of flights and accommodation in New York is a little restrictive. Don't let that put you offer recommending other US or world conferences though, it'd still be interesting to know about them.

Any events with dedicated tracks for beginners would be especially helpful.


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I think any conference that is organized by a tighter community and isn't too expensive would be a good place to start (ala Codeland, but there are others). Yeah, they might not be newbie-focused, but the material isn't always the most important part and you'll gain experience of what attending a conference is like.

Have you been to any local meetups?

Thanks Ben. Yeah, we have CodeUp in my hometown and nearby in Manchester which are fantastic. I just wondered if there were any conferences that had workshops or talks that were newbie friendly and could offer something different. Anything similar to Codeland would be great to hear about.

MozFest is also worth a mention, cheap and extremely accessible for beginners. Getting the chance to take a day or 2 out to completely focus on learning has really helped so far.

I'm based in Leeds, so only an hour or so away.

You should definitely grab yourself a ticket for All Day Hey! It's run by Harry Roberts (aka @csswizardry) and you will be hard-pushed to find a better line-up for a £85 ticket.

We also have Leeds JS, a monthly JS-focused meetup –

If there's anything I can help you with, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

Awesome! This is exactly the type of thing I was trying to describe. Thanks Ryan.

Great. If you come along to either, look out for me and my team (I'm always wearing one of my baseball caps, so hopefully fairly easy to identify!). If you're just starting your journey in development, I'm sure I can help.

I know it's U.S. based, but I attended RubyConf ( last year in the "scholars and guides" track, which is where the organizers place "scholars" aka beginners with "guides," people more experienced in the industry. We had dedicated programming, front row seating at all plenaries and community building online pre and post conference. It was an amazing experience and I am still in touch with my guide and with other people I met there.

That's such a good idea, Ben. I've yet to come across any other conference that does that, but it sounds really beneficial. I'm sure the guides learn lots too!

RailsConf seems too also have the "guides" thing, which is really great.

That’s correct, and not surprising, since it’s the same organizers as RubyConf. I’m excited to have a guide at this year’s RailsConf!

Yes, that's right. RailsConf has the exact same program and with the same amazing people behind it.

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