Rendering Markdown in Xcode 9

Daniel Inoa on September 21, 2017

Recently while exploring Apple's new sample projects for iOS 11, I stumbled upon this sample ARKit project. Aside from the cool ARKit stuff going... [Read Full]
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It can be used even without the .xcodesamplecode.plist
Just set the file type in File Inspector (under Identity and Type) to markdown.
It is either set automatically based on extension or you can set it here manually.
Then choose "Editor -> Syntax Coloring -> Markdown".
xcode will remember this in project settings and will keep it after project is re-opened.




I was using this technique but when I add the .plist in some old project and add file it doesn't render it as markdown :/ Any ideas what could be it? Maybe some setting.

PS: For newer projects it works properly.


The easiest way to render markdown in Xcode is by using QuickLook.

  1. Install qlmarkdown plugin
  2. > Open as > Quick look

I can't extract the zip file, check this please.


Just create a new plist file named .xcodesamplecode.plist, then move it under your .xcodeproj .
All is done!

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