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re: I lack discipline a lot too 😅 but I want to learn so much! Luckily I have lots of ideas for projects I would like to do at the moment :) What are y...

Aside of my many unfinished projects, I might be completing some freeCodeCamp challenges 🤔. What about you? 😀

I want to write an app with React Native but I need to do more in C++ first (I need it for school). But I think I will start building the app soon :) Will be something more private I guess but who knows what lies ahead?! :D
I wish you a lot of fun with your projects and of course at freeCodeCamp! I enjoyed learning there about web technoliges a bit too :) (not finished though - ha I'm such a slug)

Yeah! me too 😋 I also wanted to make Native app in the near future, but since I feel more comfortable using Vue, probably will use NativeScript 🤝

Bests coding ;)

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