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Discussion on: Website feedback needed

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Daniel Lee • Edited

I would personally have some contrast between the main content such as blog posts in the middle of the main page and the rest elements of the main page as well as between footer & header and the main body . Having the first glance at the website, my eyes just randomly wander around.

For each blog post, I would move the writer information underneath the summary of the post (inside a single div). Having the writer information above or below the blog post summary can confuse the audience as to who wrote which post.

I would also make contents such as "Weekly top users" and "popular topics" on the sidebar to scroll along with the page (apply position: fixed) so that I can quickly navigate from the main page (because you will end up with a long list of blog posts dangling vertically). It can also be distracting. So, I would experiment with layouts; having blog posts on one side and rest on the other side.

Speaking of "popular topics", I'm interested in knowing the order of popularity or ranking of topics, how many posts have been posted under which topic? so that I can see the user census of your website - does this website have web developers mostly? It's totally up to you how you strategize to attract potential users.

Lastly, for each blog post with code snippets, I would rearrange contents and code snippets to be side-by-side. This way, users can easily read and see code without having to scroll up and down to check the code frequently.

Overall, I love your slick design!

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Bobby Iliev Author

Hi Daniel, that's absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this constructive feedback! Really appreciated!! 🙌

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Daniel Lee

I'm glad it was useful to you!