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re: Hey! I'm Mark, a UI engineer / frontend developer in the Seattle area. I love connecting with people and forming communities, and I'm inter...

Nice to meet you Mark! As someone who wants to learn more about using React for building web applications, what are some of your personal favorite advantages about React that other web frameworks do not offer?


Hey Danny! Starting off with Angular 1 (granted, quite a bit's changed since then), there were a few significant advantages when I learned React:

  • React as a pure UI layer that mimics good JS practices
  • Community/documentation/use cases are widespread
  • Job opportunities

Take it with a grain of salt, because I haven't looked at Angular in 2 years, and I haven't used Vue at all.

Thanks for the response and your comments on the advantages about React!

I think those are all very good points and I feel similar regarding what React offers versus Angular and Vue. I have learned about so many people on Twitter who get really good at developing with React over a very short period of time, and they end up creating beautiful and interesting web applications and land amazing job opportunities.

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