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When I was younger, I was introduced to Python in primary school, but I never really cared to pay attention because I was too busy figuring out how game emulators and media sharing services worked on computers. I was always curious about how computers worked.

I started getting into the idea of programming when I saw people making modified Pokemon games such as Pokemon Chaos Black. I started to learn how interesting game development was to me and I always enjoyed playing video games growing up. This lead me to later wanting to major in Game Programming and move to Seattle.

Flash forward a couple years, I went to the local community college and decided to major in Computer Science. My first semester, I took an Intro to Computer Science class, and I left not pleased enough. I was eager to learn how to develop web and mobile apps. I also started getting interested in data science and data analysis.

Now, I have been learning and interacting with the areas of data analysis and software development for 3+ years. It has been a fun time!

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