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Algorithm Interview Grading Rubric

Section Score Total
Did I explicilty state what the input was? 1
Did I clarify what the desired output was? 1
Did I construct a simple example that could be solved by hand? 2
Did I write out all Axioms? 1
Did I write out and derive all intelligent assumptions? 1
Did I brainstorm a simple solution? 2
Did I analyze the runtime? 2
Did I analyze the space requirement? 1
Did I ask if the input problem set would be small enough for this to suffice? 1
Was I able to come up with a better more sophisticated solution? 4
Did I analyze the time complexity of this solution? 2
Did I analyze the space complexity of this solution? 2
Did I compare it directly to my initial simple solution? 1
Was I confident when I started coding? 4
Did I think through all approaches that come to mind? 5
Did I explicitly write out my desired strategy? 4
Did I explicitly consider base cases? 2
How well did I handle getting stuck? 5
How cleanly was my code written? 2
Did I explicitly check for any off-by-one errors? 2
Was I able to predict what funtions I would end up implementing ? 1
Did my brainstormed strategy solve the problem? 3
How smooth was the coding process? 2
Was I able to talk through my code? 5
Did I leverage any interesting functions in my code? 2
Did I prove my runtime complexity? 2
Did I prove my spacetime complexity? 2
Did I write up different test cases and process them? 6
Did I go line by line, no matter how trivial? 2
DId I have to make any changes when reviewing my code? 2
0 72

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