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Should you get certified to land a job in tech?

dannysteenman profile image Danny Steenman ・1 min read

I think it's a good idea to get certified in a branch or sector in which you are currently active. It shows you've spent the effort to validate your skills by a trusted 3rd party. But in my LinkedIn feed I see more and more Engineers and Developers catching 'em all like they are Pokémon.

Gotta catch `em all

What's your take on getting certified? Did it help you to get the job you wanted? please share your experience!

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David J Eddy

A couple years back I picked up the three associate certs provided from AWS. With training + $150 per exam they were not overly expensive. Within a year my salary increased 25% and I am now a fully remote employee.

Experience + certs + interview skill + working well with others = the knock out combination to land any role you desire.

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Ben Sinclair

I think being certified in certain sectors can be useful. Like going for a Cisco job and having their certifications.

Certifications are usually expensive, though, and unless you work for a company prepared to put you through the program, I think they're mostly not worth it. Obviously taking the certification and then jumping ship is also bad form.

It's more important if you're a contractor, I guess. Something to help clients feel you're legit.

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Danny Steenman Author

yeah you need to invest a lot of time into the theory. But certainly certifications help to get some form of recognition.

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Being certified definitely helps, But It's not the biggest factor involved in landing you a good job.

I'd say skills matter the most, & being Certified on top of that is a great plus :)

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Danny Steenman Author

Yeah indeed skills are super important. Certifications are a way to market yourself to the public. But once you are hired only real world experience matters most.