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What qualities should a good team member have?

dannysteenman profile image Danny Steenman ・1 min read

And should all team members have similar characteristics in order to become a good team?

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Alexandru-Dan Pop • Edited

Depending on the team you will be valuable if:

  • you pick a certain niche or piece of the project you take responsibility for
  • you don't gatekeep knowledge, you voluntarily share info and are generally helpful
  • you listen and don't always argue, instead try to find ways to reach consensus
  • read between the lines and get as much information as you can, especially if you work remotely

I think it's best team members have different skills and personalities.

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Amy Hudspith

Totally agree with "you don't gatekeep knowledge"

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Alex Janke

Being able to communicate in a transparent manner. I personally feel like there is nothing worse than getting little to no feedback - or just waiting a long time until you get some half-baked response

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Amy Hudspith

Open mindset, good communication skills and humble would probably by my top three