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Discussion on: The hidden cost of “don’t reinvent the wheel”

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Dan Silcox • Edited

I think, as with anything, this is all very contextual. If someone is writing a million custom tools then someone else will have to maintain all those tools. Trust me, this is not a happy place!

I think the reason we have frameworks, off the shelf tooling, etc is so that we as professionals can apply our skills to the problems actually relevant to our domain.

If you work for an online payment company you should be able to focus on things relevant to your business, that provide value, not have to write your own logging framework, build your own CDN and roll your own authentication service.

I totally agree it’s a really useful skill to be able to do these things and you learn a lot through the process, and of course if you reach a stage where the off the shelf version does not fit the purpose and you need something more bespoke, great, apply those skills. But remember that code is as much a liability as an asset. Someone has to maintain it, support it, etc etc.