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This is the essence of Mindfulness - the continued intention to fully show up for this moment as it is.

Many of our fears are not actually present in the here-and-now. They are mind-constructed episodes that live in the past or the future. Your mind is a wonderfully constructed, but badly calibrated, "what-if" machine. It's job is to present you with things to worry about.

I have a practice similar to the above, which I call "Thank you, mind". Whenever I find myself worrying about something persistently, I imagine myself having a conversation with my mind. Sometimes I'm shaking it's hand (it looks like a little cloud with eyes), and I simply say, "thank you, mind".

For some reason, this has a similar effect to writing down my worries. My mind feels like it's done its job, and chills out for a bit. You should try it!


Thanks for the tip! Definitely will try to incorporate it into my eliminate-worry routing :D

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