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Excellent list of resources. I see you are interested in Culadasa/Young/Ingram - there is so much to learn from each (I love the Mind Illuminated as a very precise manual).

As someone who wears the role "meditation teacher" from time to time, I agree that it's not a cure-all - meditation is often over-sold. But it's a fascinating activity and does have genuine benefits.

It's great to see so many developers who meditate. I'd love to connect with you more about this!

If you are interested I have articles on this site about meditation, and over at - in particular I've written a long, free guide over at my site.


Hey Daragh! I definitely wanted to keep this article on a practical level for developers, but I am very passionate about meditation beyond just the "benefits."

I'm not a teach, but a passionate student, and would definitely love to connect.

I'll definitely check out your site! Thank you!

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