Overthinking, evolutionary psychology, and programming

Daragh Byrne on January 12, 2019

My mind is my most important tool as a programmer. It's the origin of every line of code I write. It's the mechanism by which I understand the worl... [Read Full]
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I can totally relate to this and agree that doing something physical (even housework!) can help to calm the mind. Great article.


Thank you very much for posting this, my mind is always occupied with different thoughts like things I ought to have done and achieve which I have not , and also while thinking of that I'm using a small part of my brain to think of how to survive the next day.
All of these while coding.
I will try all you have suggested and I hope I fix my over thinking problems .


Helpfull article , remind us to care about maintain mind and mental health. Thank you for posting this.

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