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Discussion on: String happyWorkPlace = "Happy Developer";

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Sohail Nasir • Edited on

Reminds me of my last job, even though I was working on some really nice stuff, the structure was not there at all, I became the only developer in a short space of time as everyone else quit. I was afraid of quitting as it would screw over the company and would make me look bad, I did talk to my manager, he was a nice guy wanting to help but couldn't promise anything, before I started looking for a job he gave me a pep(ish) talk which basically was "I know things are horrible here, they won't get better, I hope you stay". I knew that I needed to go but before I did I basically made a vow to get some decent developers who didn't mind this environment and then leave, so I wouldn't feel guilty when I handed in my notice. That's pretty much what I did and I feel that I left with some grace.

I agree there is no shame in leaving, the world is your oyster.