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Discussion on: It seems like Rust software is bad

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Bruce Davidson

I feel the same way, but for me, it’s the ecosystem that is really broken. Look for x11 bindings. I prototyped an x11 based screen lock in c, and I’m currently running my ‘beta’, a vala program. I was thinking maybe I should look at rust for the final version, but I find 7 bindings for x11. That’s a lot of code to review and test. So far, none of them actually work, and I’m thinking why not stick with vala? The main reason I was looking at rust is that Gnome has said to prefer rust over vala. But then, I prefer pantheon desktop over gnome.

Rust may be great for some narrowly defined uses, but I don’t think the ecosystem as a whole is ready for general purpose use.

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Ryan Westlund Author

Yeah. It may be in part because Rust's design is still undergoing important changes, whereas Go got much more stable earlier. Both languages are similarly new (Go released in 2011 vs Rust in 2012 IIRC) but Rust's ecosystem is more what I'd expect for a language that new, whereas Go's ecosystem already looks like it's been around for as long as Python.