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Discussion on: When do you think it’s the right time to create your own coding language? Answer for the chance to be featured on our podcast!

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Rushan S J

Creating a programming language is long task. Making a language just for fun isn't great. It needs to perform better than other language to be useful. For example, when Binary was created, though it was really tough to program, people used it. Then Assembly was born and people found out that it was much better than binary. If creating a new programming language was so easy, everyone would have made their own language. There are a lot of factors which makes creating a new language difficult. Cross-Compilation, Targeted devices and functionality is just to name a few. The best time to make a programming language is when we have decided about how easy will the language to learn or how it has more benefits than others. And of course, as @devlorenzo told, we need Determination and time to do so.

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