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re: I would say yes. Having a quick discussion with my brother about it I came up with the scenario of the Google AI being used to call businesses cons...

Good point! I totally agree that this would make it more convenient to use because the called person can just talk straight facts if he/she knows it is an AI.

This would also eliminate trouble with slangs, unclear instructions and other scenarios where the assistent does not understand the answer correctly. I think Google's AI is very advanced but there can always be times when it does not understand the person on the phone.

And the next point is: what if there are personal questions to be answered? Like "do you like to get your hair cut only or also overdo your beard / dye your hair"? Because sometimes they need to know how much time they plan on your appointment.

Or at the doctors: most of the time they want to know a rough description what the appointment is for so they can re-schedule another one if necessary.


I have been wondering about this about the personal questions aspect. I believe my solution of informing them it's an AI may reduce that issue, though you could also do the fancy and have the AI post either the message on your phone screen so you can answer, or just have it reply "I don't know". If creating the appointment then failed the AI could go back to the user and say "I couldn't book the appointment because...", allowing the user to then give more detailed instructions.

We're at the precipice of incredible technology here, so who knows where it will go.

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