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Discussion on: How did you decide on what you wanted to do?

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Robin Kretzschmar

A good friend of my parents was always taking care of our computers at home. He developed the logic for car parks (lifting the barrier, payment and stuff) and was always somewhere else in the world.

It fascinated me to watch him typing really fast when he was fixing things on our computers or setting up something. I wanted to do this too so I started to dig into the topic and learned VB6 and later C++.

Back then a year before I was graduading I had no idea what I want to do afterwards.
My parents told me I should study but I didn't want to spend a single day in school anymore.

The deal was either I do an apprenticeship in a company or I have to study.
So I applied as software engineer trainee (in Germany you have 3 years combined working with school education) and got two offers with 2 applications (lucky me :-) ).

Since then I moved along the path, learned new stuff, met new people, switched companies etc.